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Canon EOS 60D RAW Image Quality. We've recently started looking at RAW files converted with dcraw, an excellent freeware raw converter. dcraw usually offers timely support for the latest cameras, but more importantly, it does not apply any noise-reduction, sharpening or other corrections such as geometric distortion. By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll. For the quickest, most convenient Raw processing, you can do the job before you download images from your Canon EOS 60D by using the Raw Image Processing feature on Playback Menu 1 with no computer or other software required. However, you need to understand one limitation. 4 Feb This is what I setup from canon menu and ml menu. What does EXPECT AROUND 0 FRAMES AT MB/s mean? Can I still shoot or do I have to obtain the green message "continuous recording ok?" to get that i have to go down to fps override at 38fps exact for or if i wanna keep 56fps i have to.

I'm fairly new to 60D and DSLR in general. I decided to finally explore RAW shooting, as it seems to the the right way to go, but I cannot switch to RAW in the camera settlings. When I go into the menu-> quality, either sideways click, or a roll of the disk only changes the quality of Jpeg, but i can't get to switch. I just bought the Canon 60D and I'm having trouble with the RAW settings, it wont let me select them or change them!. I have recently taken pictures with a Canon 60D and i am unable to open the raw files in ACR. I am running PS CS5 and have ACR I have read forums.

When I try to set the camera to shoot RAW (in the Quality Menu) whether I use the main dial or the quick adjustment dial it is the JPEG setting that. Canon provides three RAW sizes on the EOSD, which is great if you don't need those gigantic 25 MB files. You can take a RAW image alone, or with a JPEG at the size of your choosing. The EOS-7D has a detailed, yet easy-to- navigate menu system that looks great on its ultra high resolution LCD. About the only thing it.


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